Monday 18/03/2019: Carrotsoup - Caserolle with minced meat, leek and mashed potatoes
Tuesday 19/03/2019: Tomato soup - Rye wing with capers and parsley potatoes
Wednesday 20/03/2019: Vegetable soup - Chicken gyros with a fresh salad and pommes noisettes
Thursday 21/03/2019: Fennel soup - Orloffroast with mushroom sauce, green beans and roasted potatoes
Friday 22/03/2019: Pea soup - Fish stew with mashed potatoes
Saturday 23/03/2019: Onion soup - Black pudding with red cabbage and boiled potato
Sunday 24/03/2019: Cauliflower soup - Lamb fillet with tarragon sauce, potato gratin and bean rolls with bacon