Monday 20/05/2019: Pea soup - Schnitzel with boiled potato and beans
Tuesday 21/05/2019: Zucchini soup - Salmon fillet with mashed potatoes, leaf spinach and mustard sauce
Wednesday 22/05/2019: Vegetable soup - Turkey fillet with mushroomsauce, broccoli and pommes duchesse
Thursday 23/05/2019: Chervil soup - Roast beef with warm vegetables and potato gratin
Friday 24/05/2019: Fennel soup - Plaice meuniere with fries and tomato salad
Saturday 25/05/2019: Chicken soup - Breaded minced meat with boiled potato and stewet carrots
Sunday 26/05/2019: Minestrone soup - Veal escalope with cauliflower and baked potatoes