Monday 13/01/2020: Broccoli soup & Schnitzel with carrots and boiled potatoes.
Tuesday 14/01/2020: Chicory soup & Cod with fine vegetables and mashed potatoes.
Wednesday 15/01/2020: Thai soup & Black pudding with red cabbage and potatoes.
Thursday 16/01/2020: Vegetable Soup & Lamb loin fillet with beans and croquettes.
Friday 17/01/2020: Chicken soup & Pike-perch with celeriac and mashed potatoes.
Saturday 18/01/2020: Pumpkin soup & Filet mignon with salad and French fries.
Sunday, January 19/01/2020: Minestrone Soup & Veal with broccoli and new potatoes.

Monday 20/01/2020: Vegetable soup & Bread minced meat with carrots and potatoes. 
Tuesday 21/01/2020: Cauliflower soup & Mussels with salad and fries.
Wednesday 22/01/2020: Mushroom soup & Pork tenderloin with courgette and boiled potatoes.
Thursday 23/01/2020: Leek soup & Chicory dish.
Friday 24/01/2020: Vegetable soup & Fish papillote with finely chopped vegetables and new potatoes.
Saturday 25/01/2020: Courgette soup & Steak with salad and fries.
Sunday 26/01/2020: Carrot soup & Turkey filet with beans and potato gratin.