Monday 24/02/2020: Tomato-vegetable soup & Meatloaf with apple sauce and boiled potatoes.
Tuesday 25/02/2020: Potato soup & Saithe with leek, mustard sauce and mashed potatoes.
Wednesday 26/02/2020: Fish soup & Turkey filet with fine vegetables, hunter sauce and croquettes.
Thursday 27/02/2020: Onion soup & Mashed potatoes with sorrel with sausage.
Friday 28/02/2020: Celeriac Soup & Rye Wing with capers and parsley new potatoes.
Saturday 29/02/2020: Julienne soup & Steak with salad and fries.
Sunday 01/03/2020: Vegetable soup & Roast beef with beans and gratin.

Monday 02/03/2020: Broccoli soup & Bread minced meat with carrots and boiled potatoes.
Tuesday 03/03/2020: Chicory soup & Tagliatelle with scampi and garlic cream sauce.
Wednesday 04/03/2020: Thai soup & Oven dish with minced meat and fine vegetables.
Thursday 05/03/2020: Vegetable soup & Chicken filet with sweet-sour sauce and vegetable rice.
Friday 06/03/2020: Chicken soup & Nile perch with cherry tomatoes and pommes duchesse.
Saturday 07/03/2020: Pumpkin soup & Steak with salad and fries.
Sunday 08/03/2020: Minestrone soup & Veal with peas, carrots and gratin.